Sunday Ramble☕

I think I must have done one of these before. Rambling is a must to do activity for me once in a while. A detox you can say. Even though I am a person who listens more, to some people I can be a pain. I have A LOT of things to talk to sometimes, so I write them here so that my friends can have a peaceful day ahead without their brains burning out : ) (thank me later people)

So I found some out of context, random here and there that I will answer

lets start

1. How has water impacted your life?




Someone once said water is the solution to all your problems. Wanna lose weight? drink water. Thirsty? Drink water. Want to have glowing skin? Drink water.

Irritated by someone? Drown them

2. Name three things you’d do if you weren’t so afraid.

a. Go upside-down bungee jumping

b. Watch horror movies/ Visit a haunted house

c. Use eyedrops





moving on

3. What are the sounds that make up the background noise of your life?

I don’t understand this question very well. So I will reframe it

” Which songs do I WISH would be background songs for me in my non-existent Teen Drama show “

This is better, isn’t it? Ok So these are a few songs

[P.S I don’t care what these songs mean. The overall vibe is what I am talking ’bout]

  1. Lush Life- by Zara Larsson
  2. Go Go- BTS
  3. Me too- Meghan Trainor
  4. Swim- Chase Atlantic
  5. Feeling Good- Michael Buble

4. When is your most productive time of day?




But if we become more practical, it is EXTREMELY difficult to wake up early in the morning. So another alternative I have found is the time between 2-5 pm. It feels hella productive. I mean after 5, I cant do ANYTHING “productive productive” like studying and stuff.

But again, coming back to square 1, having a great, peaceful and happy start in the morning automatically makes your day productive. Even better is to roughly plan your next day before sleeping. Someone told me that our mind is a natural alarm. So if we tell if beforehand that “okay, I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow” because maybe you have a special event, say an exam. Then most of the time, you WILL wake up at the time set by you, if not then maybe even earlier!

So. Sorry Buddy. Have a nice routine. That is the only saviour : )

Now, where were we?

5. What colours are your thoughts?

Never thought I would be asked this

I can answer in two ways.

  1. How I SEE my thoughts
  2. How would I DESCRIBE my thoughts in terms of colours

So I like thinking, imagining. I think a LOT. And I like it. I feel centred while thinking. It makes me feel present as if I am an active human. Because a lot of times we forget just how capable we all are. Just how much is there above the shallowness of the petty bubbles we form around ourselves. Or how much the world is above admiring that same petty bubbles of others.

Deep thoughts. Don’t blame me. I am listening to a dark academia playlist right now. Getting people melancholy without is its job.

So Because I am so used to thinking, I am immune to storing vast amounts of memories in my brain. And by now my brain is trained so it sees all these things in a bold, bright, vivid and full HD manner. So the colours here matter. But those are memories

I can describe my thoughts through this palette

No nonsense, creative yet practical. A tinge inclination towards philosophical ideas. Planned out, Well mannered and aesthetic

Or at least I am TRYING for it to be this way

6. What is something about you that makes you dangerous?


7.  Have You Ever Gone to a Place for the Primary Purpose of Taking Selfies?

Nah. I am not the selfie kinda person. 1st up it is extremely difficult for me to find an angle that will look good. 2nd It seems stupid to go somewhere special only to get a pic of your own face.

So No I haven’t.

8. Where did you like to hide when you were younger?

Young me was cute. Ok?

This is embarrassing but as a kid, I was a bit selfish and paranoid. Selfish because I used to hide whatever in the three worlds I could from others. I seriously never told anyone anything good in the fear that maybe they would do that and become good themselves.

My habit has been gone long back. But some people still have it.

And it can actually complicate your life more than it already is. You have to think extra before speaking or doing anything in the fear that maybe the next person implements that habit and becomes better.


So, um I think I diverted from the topic, but anyways, next question

9. What role does Instagram play in your life?

Would have been relevant a year ago. But not anymore. I left that place because OF the reason that it wasn’t playing any major role in helping out y life. So why waste time right?

10. Give a glimpse of your stylising as a fantastical creature.

Ok. Yes. I added this on my own. I was going through my interest while writing this and I have a whole board dedicated to this. So WHY NOT?

I don’t know how to explain this aesthetic, but this gives me early 2000’s historical teen drama fiction series vibe. And I am the 2nd lead misunderstood not so-villain villain who people liked more than the main lead. I am currently reading the infernal devices series, as mentioned previously, so this is what I would wear if I was part of the lineup. As you can see I have emphasized the footwear quite a lot as according to me you could wear a trashcan but a designer pair of black boots can even make that runaway worthy.

So THAT was my Sunday ramble, If I like doing these, Ii will put up some more in the following weeks so watch out for that

Until Next time


[P.S My exams are literally after DAYS and I am so happy.


i wish]


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