Let’s talk…..

Hey there, We are going to talk a little today.

So if u r interested in knowing:

a) What u ACTUALLY need to start a blog.

b) What is ACTUALLY important in a blog.

Then you are allowed to read further

(mind u, my blog theme IS NOT about HOW to start a blog. I wrote this one especially because I felt it is my responsibility to tell my readers how I got here and how u can also get here.)

OK. so now those people who have no interest whatsoever in knowing about the same are free to leave and read what they actually came here for…..





DISCLAIMER the content coming up next is from a teen aiming to become a GREAT blogger. She has literally STARTED writing a blog with ZERO experience whatsoever…..

She is going to talk about a thing as simple as STARTING A BLOG. Nothing but just STARTING A BLOG, that’s i,. and this is the only thing u should keep in mind before starting a blog. STARTING IT!

Ok. this is sounding a bit……um……WAY TOO STRUCTURED!! I will try to make it as easy as possible.



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