Heyyyyyyyy ! Hearty welcome to my blog. I am Udisha, an aspiring blogger who loves:

A) Food – ( if you ask specifically…umm….i think i shouldn’t disclose because niether do I wanna get hungry nor I think you. So we’ll leave this for another future discussion)

B) KPOP – Yes you heard it right. I am CRAZY for korean pop culture. Just wait and watch, my whole blog will be filled with posts related to it. No one can resist talking about KPOP, right ?

C) CUTE STATIONERY- Come on ! everyone loves some CUTE Japanese stationery !

and last but not the least

D) BOOKS- I LIVE for books. If I don’t get a book to read everyday, I’ll get NUTZ

[Edited a few days later- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Space !!! I mean how could I ignore this fact ??!!]

I write basically about anything and everything. I am still processing to find my niche though 😉


And stay safe

Meet you in my blogs