Books that will always be on my bookshelf

Let’s try something different today.

Do not worry.

I wanted to write about a different topic.

I WILL be posting MORE and MORE “spacey” blogs. But as many of you might have read my ABOUT page, I absolutely ADORE books and want to talk more about them.

What better place than my blog ?

As for 14 June 2020, I have 176 books *pat on my back for wasting 63 seconds of my precious like anything.

(BTW why is this year NOT ENDING !! 😭)

(No wait. 😷 This is better)

On with my list

1. Three thousand stitches (Sudha Murty)

Books that will always be on my bookshelf

Don’t we all ADORE Sudha Murty and her books? I do. I have around 7-8 books written by her and I love them. I started reading her books a while back, back in 4th grade.

Three thousand stitches, as most of her books, is a collection of her life experiences converted into really interesting stories.

As it is not one complete novel, it is quite hard to describe what one can expect from the book.

But still, If you want a startup for reading or want a good short story collection, you have HAVE to pick one of her books!

Some special mentions: The mother I never knew, The day I stopped drinking milk

2. Matilda (Roald Dahl)

And here I present every one’s childhood fav, Matilda. I am adding this book to my list beacuse I am quite positive that it will be on my shelf for quite long.

No need to describe this masterpiece by Roald Dahl but still, let’s see what this book is about.

Matilda is about this girl named,um, MATILDA ! She is an absolute genius but because of her fate, she is born in this miserable family who does nothing but sits all day watching the telly. The family does not approve of her reading books and treats her as an unwanted pest.

Then when she starts going to school, tables turn and then the FUN part of the book starts.

An instant fav. Can’t say the same thing now but, I m positive that it will be sitting on my shelf for many years.

But the thing is that i have NOSTALGIA attached and that plays a very big role while deciding the fate of these books.

Now let’s get into the books that I have currently read-

3. Eliza and her monsters (Francesca Zappia)

Credits: Hannah (Clockwork reader)

This book is one of the best books that I have read this year.

It is about this girl named Eliza who is the creator of this VERY famous comic named monstrous sea. But the thing is that she is anonymous. She is anonymous under the name of Lady constellation.

She is also suffering from anxiety. Her online life is very interesting with online friends (who only know her true identity) and her fans whom she interacts with daily.

Then the story takes a turn a when her identity is accidentally shared.


4. Harry Potter (DUH !)

This is one book which NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE can take out of my shelf. I don’t know how one can think of such a vast topic, i mean how ?

But again due with time I m also loosing interest in it.

But for this book, I am VERY positive that it will be on my shelf for the longest.

and last but not the least, one of my most recent reads,

5. Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi)

I read it recently and I REALLY liked it. It was on my book wishlist for about an year now. But the main reason I didn’t get this was because it is graphic novel.

Many people like me who read the normal novel, think that graphic novel will be kiddish and it won’t have anything informative in it.

This book proved all these opinions wrong.

First it is NOT fiction.

Second it gives quite enugh information for basic knowledge.

About what ? You must be asking.

About the Iranian revolution.

So as for the summary, Persepolis is an autobiography graphic novel which is all about Marjane Strapi’s life herself, how she dealt with the Iranian revolution, what all they had to do during this period and how she escaped it.

A interseting read.

NOT AT ALL boring like you think autobiographies are.


Hope you enjoyed reading (Cause i did writing TYPING !)

Meet you next week

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Ok ok. Enough talking. Let’s save some for the next blog


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