#4 The Cursebreaker Series by Bridgid Kemmerer


I mentioned this series in my last blog. So those who BY CHANCE didn’t read it, click HERE to read it !!!!


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During the time I wrote that blog, I had not finished the second book. But I finished it just now so memory is fresh for writing a goody good review.

So lets start

1. Basic synopsis of the book

This book is based on Beauty and the beast. But you will hardly remember it while reading the book. This book has a portal fantasy concept to it. So basically we have 2 main characters (though in the second book these “main characters” change. I will explain it later)

So one of the main character, that is HARPER, is from our world, from Washington DC. But due to some “certain reason”, she gets trapped in this OTHER world where the OTHER main character is, named Rhen. He is basically the crown prince of Emberfall, a kingdom of the OTHER world where HARPER has mysteriously reached.

NOW she has to break this certain curse that the Rhen is under. Or else he will probably vanish. It sounds a bit complicated but ONE THING I LOVED ABOUT THE BOOK WAS THAT THE PLOT STARTED FORMING FROM THE FIRST CHAPTER ITSELF AND IT WAS HOOKING FROM THE FIRST LINE!!!! (unlike some other books I know)

The curse involves Rhen converting into a merciless, disastrous monster and killing people. A lot of other complication follow the book but for that, you OBVIOUSLY have to read the book

Now that I have told you about the non spoilery part, lets move on to the spoilery, chatty portion of this review

2. Book Chat and Gushing (a bit spoilery section)

Ok so first, talking about the FIRST book, A curse so dark and lonely

Loved the concept of the main character being from our world and then getting dragged unwillingly into the Fantasy Kingdom of Emberrrrrrrrfallll (the extra Rs and Ls are for Dramatic effects so please stand by)

So As I was saying, I was completely hooked from the first page. I mean, if the first sentence of a book is this:

“There is blood under my fingernails. I wonder how many people I have killed this time”

By Rhen, First Line of the First chapter of the First book in the Curse breaker series

Like, if THAT is the first sentence of a book, one can definitely expect SOMETHING from the story

And I am telling you

Once you pick up this book, you wont be able to put it down

I am telling you

Now lets go over the GOOD THINGS and the BAD THINGS about this book

Good things A.K.A Pros

  • Harper (one of the main charcters) is very relatable. Neither she is the perfect goddess cause she also has doubts and makes certain mistakes. Nor she is dumb dumb cause she clearly becomes the princess of Emberfall. Though the whole thing was a FAKE plan, but still. The only thing she didn’t have was royalty blood and a royal family. Rest, the people liked her, she knew how to run a kindgom and also Rhen liked her. So an all rounder kinda character who is not perfectly polished yet is really good to read about

  • Next, we have Rhen (the other main character). At first, he might seem like a normal, heartless prince who is going through some random curse. But when you look into his character more, you will get to see why he is acting this way and stuff like that. SO WHAT I MEAN TO SAY IS THAT-

  • I LOVE THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN THIS BOOK. The pace of the development is exactly how it should be. Neither too fast, nor too slow. Just perfect!!!

  • Also, I LoOoOoVed how Bridgid Kemerrer left us hanging in the 1st book and how BEAUTIFULLY she picked up from there in the second book. I know, I know no one likes cliff hangers. But still, IT WAS AMAZING to suddenly see Grey’s (ANOTHER main character) perspective and see that although everyone is assuming that he is dead, well, WOALLA he is well alive and has a secret that HE IS THE REAL PRINCE. LIKE WHAT

  • And Talking about how SMOOTHLY Bridgid Kemmerer introduced a completely new character, Lia Mara whom we didn’t even get to read about in the first book, unlike Grey.

  • The way she changed the main characters and the perspectives shown from the first book to the second book was flawless. It is actually difficult to make the readers READ the story from new perspectives when they are already used to reading it from old ones. But she did it. And it made the sequel (A heart so fierce and Broken) 10 times better to read
  • Last but not the least, and I HAVE to mention this. It is the beautiful characters of this story. We basically have 4 main characters, Harper, Rhen, Lia Mara and Grey. The first book is told through the perspective of Rhen and Harper and the second book from Lia Mara and Grey
  • Amazing

Cons of the book:

I am not THAT of a critical reader. So I basically cannot criticise this book because it was one of the best books I read this year. Maybe in the future when I read BETTER books than this, maybe then I will be in a better position to criticize it

The only things I can think about right now, reasons why one MIGHT NOT LIKE THIS BOOK ARE:

  1. The plot. Many people might not find the curse breaking motive, adventurous, full of twists and turns, full of cliffhangers plot interesting. AND THAT IS COMPLETELY FINE
  2. The development of the character and the plot and the setting takes time. So, although it is not slow paced, still it CAN get boring for some people (didn’t happen with me though)

So you see, it totally depends on what kind of books you like. I personally pick up books blindly. I mean I read the synopsis and that is it I don’t sit all day long reading book reviews and stuff because whenever I have picked up a book after listening to a bunch of reviews, I have NEVER liked it. Like NEVER. Not even Once (a little exaggeration would do the work)



I know it is not THAT long. But it still took some time


See you next week

TATA !!!

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