Have we found a parallel universe that runs BACKWARD in time?

Have we found a parallel universe which runs backward in time ?
Artistic impression of a parallel universe

[I know you are as amused as I was when reading this headlines for the first time. But continue reading to know the real tea]

You might have heard this news BLOWING UP the internet- ‘NASA has found a parallel universe’ It also says that that the laws of physics do not apply AND that it also runs backwards in time!

Interesting isn’t it ?

Sorry to spoil your fun but incoming is a bad news

This is kinda not true but we will get to that.

This is just an OVERBLOWN version of the original news which I am trying to cover up today

The Big News

Newspapers like the New York Post covered this news. It turns out that what they covered wasn’t exactly the full research. The real news has been misinterpreted and overblown, not allowing the real discovery to reach to the public. We are going to cover the actual news today. But before that let’s take a quick preview to what is meant by PARALLEL UNIVERSE as we are going to use the term quite often today.

What IS a parallel universe ?

In simple terms, A Parallel universe is another universe lying next to ours. This is possible as we know that 13.8 Billion years ago, due to the big bang theory, our universe was created. But it is possible that ANOTHER universe too was created along with ours. And according to the latest news, this universe might also be going backwards in time! But we aren’t sure about that, are we?

The ACTUAL news

Now lets take a look at the REAL news:

We report on four radio-detected cosmic-ray (CR) or CR-like events observed with the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA). Two of the four were previously identified as stratospheric CR air showers during the ANITA-I flight. A third stratospheric CR was detected during the ANITA-II flight. In addition, we report on a fourth steeply upward-pointing ANITA-I CR-like radio event which has characteristics consistent with a primary that emerged from the surface of the ice. This suggests a possible -lepton decay as the origin of this event, but such an interpretation would require significant suppression of the Standard Model -neutrino cross section.

Read the whole article

– Peter W. Gorham, Cornell University

The above report is written by Peter W. Groham, the lead scientists of the ANITA experiment.

I have read a lot of articles and here are the things that are common in all of them-

The strange activities recorded by ANITA

Let me give some light on the topic and make it easy for you to understand. But before that-

What is ANITA ?

Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) carried and funded by NASA.

It is a Balloon based experiment. There is a helium balloon hanging over Antarctica. It has a radio antenna that is pointed towards the earth to detect any radio waves emitted due to the result of collision of high-energy neutrinos with an atom on the ice sheet.

What has been FOUND by ANITA ? And what ACTUALLY happened?


“What was ACTUALLY DETECTED by the ANITA which gave scientists signals that there might be a parallel universe out there ?”

ANITA is placed at a very high altitude, around 37 km from the earth, which allows it to even detect high energy neutrinos from space. It can spot these neutrinos coming from the space and hitting the ice sheet in Antarctica. But then ANITA did start to detect these high energy neutrinos. But there seemed to be no source of it !

It seemed that it was coming from beneath the Earth’s surface without any source.

These were again detected in 2016 and 2018 but there was still no solid explanation for this sudden miracle.

The BITTER TRUTH is that we are Not sure if these came from a parallel universe and there is little or no evidence which can clearly prove the existence of a parallel universe

But before They even had the time to discuss ’bout this situation, these newspaper personals started all this and created this hoax

As I earlier stated too, this is not going to end in a cheerful ‘oh what a wonderful discovery!’ kind of situation.

But hey! who told to lose hope? if we can discover the existence of black holes, white holes and discover the big bang theory, etc. then why not a new universe?

Will be coming up with more mind boggling theories, facts and other amazing (i hope so) blogs

So stay tuned !

Until next time



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