White Hole, Black Hole’s Opposite Twin ?

A white hole………..what are these things?

Now now, I am REALLLLY fascinated with all space stuff surrounding me right now. So you can expect ME to post A LOT of scientific, universe, galaxy-ish content. Don’t worry. We will be right back on track listening to KPOP music. But for now let’s TRY to understand this concept of White Holes………..

So before even starting this, You should know what are BLACK HOLES ( which i know most of you don’t) So to know about them in MUCH MORE DETAIL, you can check out my last blog post which talked about this crazy new black hole discovered right next door.

But in a nutshell, a black hole is a region in space whose gravitational pull and mass is so large that even light cannot escape it, being the reason for it to appear dark which also makes it INCREDIBLY difficult and almost IMPOSSIBLE to study what is going on inside it.

But some days after writing my blog post about Black holes , I stumbled upon this random post stating facts about a white hole. I was DUMBFOUNDED ! First black hole then white ? what is happening ?

I took some time and here is what I have found :


WHITE HOLES are hypothetical opposite of a black hole. In simple words, White holes are the inverted version of black holes.

So as in Black holes, once something has entered, it cannot come out from the Event horizon (simply the point of NO RETURN )

But in the case of White Hole, nothing can enter into the event horizon . Stuff keeps SPILLING out.

SO BASICALLY white holes are black holes reversed in time.

There are a lot of theories revolving around this phenomenon

In 2014, Carlo Rovelli, a theoretical physicist at Aix-Marseille University in France, and his colleagues suggested that when a black hole dies, it converts or transforms itself into a white hole.

Black holes when lose more mass than they gain, they are expected to shrink and then ultimately vanish.


These things are also possible in space.

Stephen Hawking showed that black holes shed their mass over time, suggesting that information can’t be permanently stored inside them. But if that information can’t be destroyed, where does it go? That’s where white holes came in

The second thing which is possible is that one object which enters a black hole exits from a white hole.

This Means that the black hole that we are seeing might have a white hole on its other side spilling stuff in a different universe.This CAN be possible with the help of Worm holes ( also known as the Einstein Rosen Bridge. You can think of wormholes as a tunnel with two sides ending in TWO SEPARATE UNIVERSES !

Interesting right ?

Now the big question….


Have we seen a white hole ? Yes. Are we sure it IS a white hole ? not exactly

Well, it is safe to say that YES, we have detected, not EXACTLY a white hole, I mean we are not sure, but we have surely detected activities which seem similar to that of a white hole.

The location of GRB 060614. This explosion was trillions of times more powerful than the sun. Image: Hubble Space Telescope

On June 14, 2006, an extraordinary, powerful gama-ray burst ( named GRB 060614 ) was spotted by NASA’S Swift satellite.

This powerful gama ray burst may be a white hole as it DID NOT fit into the normal category.

It lasted for, what is hardly imaginable, a full 102 seconds, whereas normal blasts only last for a few seconds.


Actually, Not really. I am still researching about this phenomenon, but I think for today this is enough.

I have a lot of questions popping inside my brain. But let me give you all rest and time to absorb ALL that you read

Until next time



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