My 2nd MUN, And one more experience

This time, my topic was “Deliberation over the kashmir issue with special emphasis on the post events of abrogation of article 370”

Topic seems confusing? Don’t know the meaning of ‘deliberation’ and ‘abrogation’? Ha! Don’t worry cause you AREN’T the only one. I too had to look up respected Google Ji for the answers.

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Coming back, my committee was AIPPM, All India Political Parties Meet.

I personally think that I am going to continue with this committee as I am very interested to know about my country and what all is happening in it. AIPPM neither adheres to the UN committee rules nor the parliamentary rules. It has its own set of rules.

As I had both the MUNs ata around the same time, i couldn’t focus much on this one. I started preparing two days prior itself. But my research fruitful.

As the committee started, I started to feel a bit nervous as the day before, the person who was allotted Modi had done a lot of discussion about what is going to happen and what we will discuss upon. I thoughts that this is going to e a beginner kind of MUN, but I was getting very professional vibes from Modi, Amit Shah, and Shashi Tharoor. But whatever, I noted the sub agendas they were presenting:

  1. Deliberation upon abrogation of article 370

This was basically a sub agenda to get the overview of the Topic.

I spoke pretty good. In AIPPM, one has to give their own perspective over the topic. It is not necessary for it to be very factual. Obviously WRONG facts will not be entertained but it is a bit relaxed compared to the other ones, which according to me is better.

Want to know what I spoke ?

Here is a little part of it.

“Abrogation of article 370 has led to the breakdown of Jammu and Kashmir.” Surprisingly, we are getting to hear THESE kinds of remarks after clearly explaining that this article, led by 35A was slowly eating up Jammu and Kashmir. It acted as a big deadlock for the development sector in Kashmir. As for an eg. Which scientist, teacher or doctor would like to work in a state where privileges for the non-permanent residents are equal to nothing.

Some of the lines I spoke in Hindi as it gives that extra feel to the speech and speaking Hindi in AIPPM is kind of obvious. It is not mandatory, but it gives that extra feel to the committee’s atmosphere.

As you can see from the above snippet, it is not very factual but it clearly represents my thoughts and whether I am for or against the topic.

That was my first speech.

The thing in MUN is that you just can’t speak once and sit back and relax. Every time a new motion is raised, you have to speak (if you want points). If you have nothing prepared on that topic, which is totally normal, then obviously don’t speak. But if you even have the slightest idea about the topic, speak.


Umm. where was I ?

Oh ya

So I had just spoken and had received one streak of confidence.

Now what ?

There were I think 3-4 more sessions after this and each time I spoke whatever I had prepared or whatever I could speak. It is not necessary that you seak word to word whatever you have prepared. This doesn’t even impress the EBs (people who run the committee and evaluate the marks).

Then came the second day…

We were already bored before the committee even started as the topic wasn’t that big to be stretched for 2 days.

he first day was fruitful but there wasn’t anything good to be discussed.

So the second day of the MUN started and even after 2 hours, nothing fruitful was discussed (I am not talking about Modi Ji because even though we had nothing to talk, he talked about I don’t even know what)

So after some time I left the meeting.

One should not do that but the meeting was taking a weird turn and was quickly turning VERY informal and thus I left.

It was a very productive meeting. Let’s not count the second day because it was unnecessary and whatever had to be discussed, had been discussed the first day itself.

I wanted to add something important:

I don’t understand that if we can have MUNs on Harry potter which has completely no history, why can’t we have MUNs on Mahabharata, the greatest epic of all times? The epic on which thousands and thousands of books are written?

The thing is that we are slowly loosing our grounds.

One funny thing which happened today was that I searched for MUNs of Mahabharata. They were quite a few but the amusing part was that most of them were being hosted OUTSIDE India in places like Manhattan etc.

People should perform in other committees and it is essential but forgetting their own literature and epics is not cool.

[Again sorry if I sounded too extra and philosophical, but couldn’t control it 😀

I am trying to write blogs on various different topics.

Coming up with more

Till then



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