#2 How to___________


Difficult one

What can I possibly ………..?

OK OK I got it

I will tell you HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE ! (My way)

This sounds nice !!!

DO NOT THINK That this would be a boring “work hard and achieve well” or “practice makes a man perfect” kinda productivity tricks.

These are going to be from my own experiences and how I “try” to be productive girl.

So legggo

  1. The moment you wake up, create a time table sort of thing INSIDE your brain

SO the moment I wake up, or ANY one wakes up, we give that “extra” 20-30 mins to just, laying on our bed without any aim.

What I suggest is to LOOK AT THE TIME, and quickly make a rough time table of whatever you are supposed to do that day. This is the first step for your productivity !

For eg.

I have an exam tomorrow. I also have to practice a few dance moves and finish my draft blog. My rough time table would look like this (Keep in mind, that this will be made, um, IN YOUR MIND)

  1. From around 11:30- 1:00- STUDY

SO ya !

2. 6 pm Dance practice

3. Will draft my blog before 6, at 4 maybe

I told you that this is going to be a VERY rough schedule. But it would give you your aim for the day !

2. Play games with time

This thing I do A LOT !

I play games with time. What I do is (sounds silly but yeah)

I look at the time, take a look at the task I am doing, and then fix a time under which I have to do it.

A sub part for this tip would be-

To keep a reward for yourself

Reward will make you want to finish the work fast.

For eg. I LOVE reading books.

So what I do when doing an important work is that I keep reading that book as a reward of fulfilling that task, This way I finish the work fast and also gain the pleasure of reading my book without any burden of leftover work.

3. Make a list of work you have to do

This may sound useless but TRUST ME

Until and unless you don’t make a list of the tasks for the day, it would seem to you as if you have A WHOLE BUNCH OF WORK TO DO

but when you list it out

U realise

It is just teeny tiny bit of work

(and this is proven by me 🙂

4. Finish one task at one time

This is a very simple thing to follow but most of the time it isn’t.

Normally at once, people try to do more than one task which is both foolish and no fruitsul.

Why ?

Because you wont be able to do either of the work.

So focus at one work at a time.



See, these are just a few simple tricks which will help you step towrds productivity.

Ya OBVIOUSLY thee aren’t the only things which would make you productive

But starting with these steps is a good start


Meet u in my next blog !

Till than


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