1-week random writing challenge #1

Heyo ! I am trying a new thing today (like always)

So I saw a crazy amount of 30-day challenges everywhere.



*drumroll please


Just the difference is that it is 7 DAYS, not 30

I am starting with 7 days and then gradually I will go upto 30 days.

Just wish me luck so that I can complete it….

(now I am feeling dumb cause I have started this 1-week challenge right in the middle of my exams..well…now I can’t do anything)

The way it will go is that each day I will pick up a chit from the bin that I have made (yup, I have done this amount of hard work) and whatever is written in there, I’ll write ’bout it


Lets’s start with today’s Topic which is……..

Dream travel destination

To make it more interesting, I have divided it into 2 categories. 1st, a place I want to go but which doesn’t exist (according to my knowledge) and 2nd a place which does exist and, I wanna go (Duh !)

1. A Place which DOES NOT exist

Umm….Is this a thing which needs to be asked ?

OBVIOUSLY I want to go to Hogwarts (The Harry Potter world) !

The other place I want to go to is not just one specific place. I want to visit back the time when Mahabharata was happening, somewhere 5000 years ago. It is not a DESTINATION but I want to time travel and be a spectator of the events which happened because it is the greatest epic of the world and my MOST favourite one. I have read Mahabharata, seen it live (play), and watched the series, both the old and new ones. But STILL, I haven’t got bored! Why ? because there are sooooooo many extraordinary stories revolving around Mahabharata that one can’t get to know in just one read.

It is on my top list, if ever possible

2. A place which DOES exist

hmmm..it is quite hard though. I never WISH or DREAM about going to a place that does exist. But I too am a normal human being and sometimes think of places that I would like to visit. So here is the list people !!!

  • South Korea

Why? KPOP OBVIOUSLY !! Kpop had made me want to go and visit South Korea for quite some time now. I am interested to go there because of the food, the techy gadget stuff and also because I want to visit Hongdae, the fashion street. One more reason is that here are kpop concerts happening there every now and then and I want to visit one.

  • Mauritius, Bora Bora, Koh samui = ANY ISLAND !!

I love islands. I have been to a few and I LOVEEE them. I love beaches and one thing which counts as a MAJOR portion of the reason why I love Islands are the WATER SPORT ACTIVITIES there !!!

I mean I live for that !!

I have done snorkeling and jet ski and I lovve that. I have also done this water sofa thing Which. Was. Ultra. Scary. My mom and I were screaming like two crazy people (Although we didn’t seem that crazy cause the rest of the people were helping us out screaming, so we weren’t looking weird. Also my father was sitting there like a smarty but I KNOW that he too was scared (i just know papa)


And YE ! this is it ! 1st day of my 7 day blogging challenge COMPLETE !!

I hope you enjoyed

I will try my best to keep up with my challenge

I need a teeny tiny bit of favour from your side

the favour is..


Until next time

TA TA !😊

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