I find dreams interesting + Got three NEW books

Yesterday I slept

And day before too

and literally everyday

SO what is this about? I have been finding the working of my brain really interesting these days

So I wanna know more about how brain works and how dreams are related to our reality, why do we dream in a certain pattern etc.

This is all what I found so decided to share it

Take a look 🙂

  1. We can neither read nor see ourselves in dreams

So you are dreaming. You wanna check if you are ACTUALLY dreaming. Well, if there is a book in front of you. But you wont be able to read it. Or you are standing in front of a mirror but cannot see your redlection. Well then that means you are in a dream

THAT is what I read


I had to edit my blog because yesterday I dreamt something and I clearly remember standing in front of a mirror and I SAW myself

So……………..what should I assume? I mean I SAW myself in a mirror. The thing with dreams is that, research upon them have been done for ages. But there has been less helpful and constructive information released till now.

Every information ends up in a “maybe”.

But I am presenting all the “interesting” things I found related to Dreams

So there

2. Our minds are more active during a dream then when you are awake

3. Lucid Dreaming isn’t AS common as you think

Lucid dreaming is when you KNOW that you are dreaming and actually control your dream. Even it may seem like you control your dreams, only 20% of the world’s population can Lucid dream

I have personally, as far as I remember, Lucid dreamed once. So I was in this street, which felt like a familiar street and I KNEW I was in a dream. A cow was coming my way quite quickly and I was panicking. I tried to close my eyes IN the dream and open it to wake up. But I was still stuck in the dream. I even panicked and started having thoughts like “AM I STUCK IN HERE FOREVER?” But then I closed my eyes again and after opening, found myself in my bed.

I have heard that through another way of Lucid Dreaming, one can enter others dream. I dont know esact exact way, but isnt it interesting??


the other part of this blog


1st up, Vicious spirits. It is the sequel to “Wicked Fox” by Kat Cho

Then I have got the SIX OF CROWS SERIES

Super popular. Never got my hands on it. Finally did. Read some chapters. Good so far.

But while I was reading the six of crows, Vicious spirit came by then mail, and I started reading it. So we are in middle of nowhere. But review is coming dont worry

And that is the end of this blog!!!

Meet you next week

Until then


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