How is our perception of good and evil shaped by our films, books, and video games?


Interesting. One might say “Nahh. They are just for entertainment purposes”

But truthfully these are ACTUALLY the things that shape our perspective about things around us

That is why it is said to read good books and watch good stuff when we are kids. Let’s discuss some of these situations in detail

Do Fictional characters and Fictional worlds influence us in real lives?

Ok let’s get real.

EVERYONE OF YOU MUST have tried to make a wand at home, or bought a wand, took some random nick-nacks from here and there, searched spells, and tried to lift up a pencil


Only me?

Well then cool.

But anyways what I am trying to say here is that, YES, fictional stories and Movies DO absolutely play part in shaping your perception. This is the reason why our parents often tell us to read non-fictional and more real-world-topics-based book when we grow older, because of we keep reading these kinds of books, we might distance ourselves from the real world.

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There has been many different instances where people couldn’t manage to maintain that fine line between fiction and reality. For eg. I read an article which stated that college students these days are unwilling to approach and seek help from their professors because of the image movies have made of them. They normally portray professors as  ” Old, Boring, White and Mean.

It is quite funny how adults are making these assumptions.


It is Fictions that lead a door towards imagining. And Imagining is a very crucial element in our lives. Imagining and Visualizing is actually a helping hand to make your brain understand what you want to achieve. This makes it easier for one to actually achieve what they desire.

But anything which is not used in its appropriate quantity is useless.

So Imaging you riding a broom over Hogwarts, or being the human doppelganger to Katherine pierce is pointless. Imagination should help us grow forward, not make us stuck to an unreal past.

So conclusion? YES, books, movies, TV shows DO shape our perspective. Especially if seen/ read at a younger age. BUT these should not get dissolved with reality. One should take in the morals from these books and movies, not completely immerse themselves.

SO this was my blog which got delayed a lot cause the pandemic situation was worsening where I live. So took a little break to freshen up my mind before jumping right back in.

Until Next time


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