New Year Polaroid

After many years, this year didn’t seem to fly past me

It took its time to make its presence felt every single day until now, when we are reaching the end

The biggest highlight of this year is that- I though a lot

My thoughts ranged from a wide spectrum of topics. However, 2 major sickouts were – overthinking and thinking of how to counter overthinking.

As of 26th December, I think I reigned it well

This is also the year where I made new friends and forged stronger bonds with those already. I met and interacted with people whom I had some assumptions about, and they turned out to be completely different. The whole process, now that I think of it, was very exciting.

Like opening gifts. You don’t know what to expect. But I am glad we did meet cause you just made my year montage worthy.

The most memorable school memory, the most happy cheerful ones belong to the art room, a place which is just like a cup of hot chocolate. Everyone gathers around a table and pours creativity while also listening to the gossips being poured by others.

The beginning of the year was hectic as I was involved in crucial examinations. But looking back it was really not that stressful as I was told it would be. There was stimulation every single day, despite of the fact that it was disguised in the most dreadful form.

The best thing about this year is that towards its end, it is becoming the most eventful. We have some or the other event happening every other day at school. Couple it up with the session end drama, you end up In the best month to go to school.

There are various other things I am grateful for this year, which I would prefer to dwell on in solace. But I think from all the years, this one has to be one that I would for sure term as the “life changing” year, IF I get called to a snazzy interview show in the future 😉

Anyways, 2023, buddy, you were of great help but somehow I can’t wait to get past you.

Until next time


hAapPPpy neEW YEaR!!!

(P.S This is out of context but this is a compilation of some photos which I saved over the year because they seemed……appealing? comforting? something. But It is something which took an year to happen so it deserves to get its spotlight!)

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