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I am back with my space cap on and today I am writing about some COOL space discoveries discovered in the past few months. We have a TON to cover so excuse me to shut up and LETS DIVE IN !!!

1. Say Hello to yet another visit of the weird long cloud on Mars

This weird long cloudy trail emerges quite often over 20 km high volcano on Mars also known as Arsia Mons.

This trail has appeared so many times that scientists have finally given it an identity, now this weird trail is known as AMEC a.k.a Arsia Mons Elongated Cloud.

So AMEC was spotted again in mid July. AMEC forms every Martian year (equals 687 days on the Earth)

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Image source: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/J. Cowart

Jorge Hernandez-Bernal, a PhD candidate at the University of the Basque Country in Spain and also the lead author of the ongoing study stated that they have been investigating over this intriguing phenomenon and were also expecting this cloudy trail to from again.

And WO-LA !

It did form again, leaving a whole bunch of people in awe.

Here are some more quick facts about AMEC:

  • This cloudy trail consists of ice and water and can get elongated up to 1,800 Kilometres (118 miles) in length.
  • Because it gets formed on top of the volcano, people tend to believe that this is due to the volcano’s eruption. But nah, nah, a volcanic eruption is not the reason. The reason is a meteorological phenomenon which surprisingly happens on Earth too! These kinds of Clouds form due to standing atmospheric waves.

Now on to the next stuff

When the universe as we know it “dies,” it will be “a bit of a sad, lonely, cold place”

How Will the Universe End? | Live Science

This is what Matt Caplan, an assistant professor in physics at the Illinois State University had to say.

We all know that the things that form, have to end as well. But most of the time, we aren’t able to imagine the end of a thing as vast, as mysterious as the universe.

But Caplan has been studying about this and this is what he had to say in a recent study.

He explained that the universe’s end is known as ‘heat death’ where at that time the universe will only consist of black holes and burned out stars.

He also said that in the dark there could be silent explosions, more like fireworks of remnants of stars which were never meant to explode.

He also found out that many white dwarfs may explode in supernova in the distant far future, long after everything else in the universe has died and gone quiet.  

We OBVIOUSLY will not be able to live that long to see this massive destruction (thank god). It takes I don’t know like SO MANY YEARS

“In years, it’s like saying the word ‘trillion’ almost a hundred times. If you wrote it out, it would take up most of a page. It’s mindbogglingly far in the future.”

– Dr. Matt Caplan

Now THAT is interesting !!


I have collected some more cool info about space and ‘m really excited to share it.


Till then

TA TA !! 🙂

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