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This week, I finally went back to school

and OH GOD, I didn’t expect it to be so………….normal? YET different

Everyone wanted to get back to school, but just a few days before going to school, I started feeling uneasy and anxious. There was absolutely NOTHING to be anxious about. But, well mind is complicated and it gets fretful sometimes. Some of my friends also experienced the same thing

So the first day, 1 September, I have woke up late. My mom is irritated. My dad is talking about how it is high time to manage my time

My day has started in a splendid manner. Cherry on the cake

As my dad races the car to my school, which is really very close, I am sitting in the car, listening to the OH so dull morning news on the radio system. I am so nervous that I have forgotten that I could EASILY hear something more pleasing than those boring morning voices.

Well, a little update. It is 8:05, 2 minutes more to reach.

But the school has already started at 7:50


The exact moment I fly into my classroom, my name is being spoken for attendance. This is surprising considering it took me an extra 5 minutes to find my classroom cause I just didn’t bother checking it beforehand 🙂

So now that I have made it to class, within the 1st few milliseconds I notice

A. My dear classmates have dearly saved the very dear front seat for me

B. every boy here has grown taller

C. every BOY here has grown taller

D. ………um where are the girls?

but apart from that, the boys weren’t as irritating as I presumed them to be. So giving points to them for making my day less stressful.

I see people walking in the corridor, some whom I don’t know about, some who used to be my “best friends”. But I talk to none.

You see, transitioning into a freshman is exposure to big, HUGE changes around us. It is a very interesting phase. You realise that a lot of things you knew until now were fake, and some things you could have never thought about, exist.

So School has this weird vibe these days as if everyone is trying to fit in, trying to be someone but none of them knows who or where. Most of the people are concerned about the number of followers they gained because of posting one reel, who liked their pic, who went where who has got their hair coloured etc.

And I am only able to say this because I have been successful in keeping myself away from the social media bubble. But well this is growing up and doesn’t bother me at all. I just feel happy sometimes that I have been successful in keeping myself away from all this mess 🙂

But that was the first day. Today is 17. and OH Man. The FUN I am having in school is just what I needed to rejuvenate me. I just hope this really irritating one of a pandemic quickly leaves the chat so that we can be more carefree.

That was my take on back to school. Coming to the second section

I am currently multitasking and reading 2 books together. One is Clockwork Angel, Book 1 of the infernal devices series, an EXTREMELY popular YA fiction series by Cassandra Clare.

Along with that, I am reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike. It is his autobiography where he explains the birth of this “crazy idea”, as he refers to, of creating a shoe brand and what all went into it. I normally don’t read biographies but this one is interesting. It feels as if he is sitting in front of you and explaining everything in a very informal setting.

So, yesterday I finished reading Clockwork Angel, ordered the second instalment,

and have picked up shoe dog from where I left it

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

I will write a book review of them soon so that will be out.

So that was one more post by me after a month of hiding. Excuse me for my irregularity, I am just a big procrastinator – _ –

But I have some ideas piled up for the upcoming blogs so I wont be hiding again for some time now!!!

Have a good day and a good week ahead


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