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Listen up

I have a pretty good reason to back up my absence.

So before we dive into that, I just want to express my elated state as I write again after what seems like an eternity. This rush of productivity is rather foreign for someone who hates to sit and type for hours on end.

But here I am

Preparing for what is probably the most important school-level examination for any Indian student, which is the BOARDS, is the reason for my absence. I had been dreading this moment since grade fourth, when I heard the term for the first time.

After that every where I looked, whether chatting seniors or skits on youtube, all portrayed this examination as this horrendous life step, the passing of which automatically uplifted you to the status of an unreal person.

So from the beginning of the preceding year, I had a sword hanging over my head as an unnecessary burden. But as the year progressed, I understood a few things and a lot of it helped me disregard these exams as something behemoth.

Specifically, I studied the most I ever have, and that too in a stress-free manner (at least for the majority of days :/). Tried out several hacks, tips, music, books, and teachers and did everything which could guarantee me a good score (even stuck a corny motif in front of my desk for “motivation”)

I made and re-made tens of timetables, eventually not following any, saw study routines of overachievers, and listened to both motivating and severely demotivating speeches.

At the end of this ruckus, the crux came out to be that: I have to START studying. Relying on motivation to study daily for 4-5 months straight wasn’t possible and not sustainable. Therefore I blew away the nebulous cloud of doubt and each day, simply sat by my desk and studied what I liked. A habit was thus formed. Now all I had to do was structure, which I did a few weeks before the examination.

It requires a lot of trial and error to come up with a consistent study plan, one which actually makes you look forward to studying. It took me a whole session to come up with one. The issue was that I had to study by myself as I wasn’t taking any extra classes as such. Therefore in my beginning exams, I wasn’t able to score that great.

But I am happy that I chose to stick with myself and became self-reliant for my studies.

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The results aren’t out yet, and I am not eager for them anyways. After having given my exam, I can say that I felt contented during the whole process and probably (don’t take it seriously) even enjoyed it a little.

It’s interesting how the whole while I was waiting for these godforsaken exams to get over and now that they finally are, I don’t know what else to do. Probably the first thing I CAN do is to vent about 2022 academically, which I am thanks to this blog.

The highlight of this year has to be my tussle with Maths. In simple words, I did bad in mathematics. But also the most maths I have done in my whole life. And also 2022 is the year I started to enjoy maths, even if just a little bit.

All these things did not reflect in my marks, however. But that is where supportive parents step in. They literally told me to not give two shits about the marks, and instead keep continue doing maths, daily. Do not even miss a single day

You will eventually reach the brighter end of this love-hate relationship.

[P.S I NOW understand the hype about late-night studying. It’s a transcendental experience, to say the least. Switch off the room lights, turn on the study lamp, more towards the cooler tone, listen to piano pieces by Mozart and get going.]

So this was just a warm-up, a small post to get us started with this year. And Yes, I won’t ghost this blog for at least a good……….1 week?

Until next time


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