Review of a book I didn’t read+talk about why fiction occupies a big chunk in the book community


Review of a book I didnt read ??

Well actually, true, cause I couldn’t read any further and I stopped

This book is actually SUPER DUPER known in the book reading community. Everyone seems to put this book in their all time favs or at least eagerly plan on reading it.

I, well, was influenced by one of the booktubers to get this book as she explained this book to be plain magical with exquisite writing

Ok let’s get to the point

The book is STRANGE THE DREAMER by LAINI TAYLOR, a renowned author, popular for her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series

Strange the Dreamer - Printed perfection - Traversing Chapters

One thing I understood is that

I do not like books which are very fantastical, meaning which have extra fantasy elements.

I like fantasy but strange the dreamer was too much. Portal fantasy is something which I dearly enjoy. Portal fantasy, basically half fantasy world and half our own real world.

and the second reason why I didn’t like was that the book was TOO SLOW PACED. I mean I was near page 200 or something, still, I saw no plot forming and there was basically no direction towards where the story was going

It was just flowing

And talking about the characters, they weren’t AS interesting as people make them be


I am not a very professional reviewer that I can give accurate reviews. So the thing is that I didn’t like this book because of these reasons, but that doesn’t mean that this book is BAD. It is just, in my opinion, hyped up a lot. I mean it just went on without any aim. At one point I didn’t know what I was reading !!

I would categorise the book as DULL fantasy, if that is a thing.

I was actually never LOOKING forward to read the book, thus I didn’t finish it. Now because of that book, I think I am going into a reading slump because it was just not good. And also that book kind of destroyed my love for fantasy

And THAT brings me to the next topic

Non Fiction and its sort of absence from the book community scene

So after my utter disappointed from a fiction fantasy, I wanted to change things a bit.

I went to this new bookstore and saw this book called BAD NEWS by ROB BROTHERTON

Bad News by Bloomsbury Publishing - issuu

It is basically a Non-Fic Psychological book about Media and News. The book basically answers how we can be smarter consumers of news (as it says on the back of the book). And the book explained it through multiple detailed chapters with multiple incidents, research and experiments.

It is my first ever Non Fiction book, and for that, I enjoyed it quite a lot

I havent still completed the book, just a few chapter left, but I have read enough to make my somewhat final judgements on it

It is a nice book

And I feel that the Book community is surrounded with mostly fictions and that to fantasy. And after reading fantasies, I personally don’t LEARN anything that can be useful.

I mean, YA, I DO read them for…… ?

But I think Non-fiction, informative books should also be promoted in the book scene cause they give SOME sort of info which would help us if it is a real you know informative non-fiction.

If I sounded like an informative grandpa today, I am sorry


I just had to write something


YA HA !!
That is it

Made my point

Now next week

TA TA !!

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