How I self Study Korean

First of all

It isn’t that I have been learning korean for years (Just a disclaimer people)

It’s only been a month since I have started learning. And I think this is the perfect time I tell ya”ll my kourney through, resource I use, my timetable plus some extra here and there

so leggggo

1. What inspired you to learn Korean ??

The answer is quite simple. Kpop

People often see this reason as an inferior way to learn a language which seems stupid. I mean you are contributing to their culture and at the end of the day, there is no BAD reason to learn a language

Like Duh !

So if you don’t know already, I am a big Kpop fan (Click here to read one of my blogs about KPOP). And although captions work, it would be better if I learn the language. AND considering how much time we have these days, nothing would be better then picking up a language and learning it


Ya that basically is what inspired me

No let’s jump on to the other things we need to cover

2. Resources I use to learn Korean

The most basic things you need is

  • A notebook which is only made for Korean (so don’t do random scribbles here and there and make a serious notebook
  • And obviously a pen (I use a black gel pen ’cause black looks good). I would also recommend having 2-3 coloured highlighters around.



Now that we have the supplies, what about THE RESOURCES to LEARN Korean

and that is what is coming next

3. Apps and Websites I use to learn Korean

I have to tell you this very important thing

Please don’t try to learn Korean, or in this case, any language from Youtube. You see there are a bunch of videos there and one can get overwhelmed and even distracted. I started there but because it was so crowded, I couldn’t continue

Best is to learn from one or more specific apps, like I do

The first app I came across was Duolingo.

It is a VERY popular app amongst language learners, so you might have heard about it

But mind you

It is NOT good for learning, but EXCELLENT for Reviewing

I am going to be telling about my routine and How I use these apps later in this blog, so then it woukd become easy for you to understand

So 1st app Duolingo

Now I am that kind of person who likes to know everything about what I am learning. So for me learning a few words and phrases here and there won’t do the work. I needed to know the root, the base. And well, the root and base of ay language is its grammar.

So to learn grammar I came across this free website. know as How To Study Korean

So this is the second website I use. In here they have in-depth lessons about each and everything about Korean writing and grammar (they claim this on their website…so,)

And I have to say that IT. IS. SUPERB

Till now I have finished 2 Units and It teaches quite a lot I mean, each thing is taught in a detailed manner so you don’t miss a thing. They have about 160 lessons in total which is quite impressive.

So your Korean grammar is checked

Now on to the third website I use

Talk To me in Korean

I use this website to learn phrases and words which can be used for speaking. You see along with grammar, one should simultaneously also use it and learn to SPEAK. It is a great practice and also a way to make your learning session more fun.

So highly recommended

And Oh this too is FREEEEEEEEEEEEE

Now let me tell you about my routine/time table

4. My Routine/ Time Table

So It is very important to have a time table if you want to learn anything, and in this case, a language

So If you fix to study daily for 30 minutes then do it

If you cant then fix a time table according to that

Never take your time table loosely because it means you are lying to yourself


I STUDY Korean every Monday Wednesday and Friday for 30-45 minutes. And I have been following this time table for over a month now

I knew I will not be able to study it daily, so I made my time table according to that


1. I start with How To Study Korean website because I think doing grammar first is better

2. Then I do one lesson of Talk to me in Korean which usually consists of 4 to 5 new phrases plus their usage in different scenarios

3. And then last but not least, I go over to Duolingo to review. It is a great app to review cause it asks you questions and you have to answer it. It also keeps track of the questions you have answered wrong and asks it more so that you remember it.

So I think I basically laid out about EVERYTHING I knew and could share about language learning

And I BET it was very informative


Will come up with more stuff next week

Till then

ANNEYONG !!! (korean for bye, and also hi 😉

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